Welcome to MIST IV-5!

Hi! LJ Regalado here. Made this website for my beloved high school classmates para kapag may parties, reunion or get together we can easily spread the news.

Guys, when you have something to post, feel free to email your message, announcements, write-ups, news, memories, etc to elj005.mist[at]blogger.com. Please include your name.


Countdown to "MIST IV-5 Batch 2000 Reunion 2007"


Exactly one week or 7 days na lang before our reunion (Saturday, May 5 '07).

Please do not forget to bring the following:
1) yourself.
2) P200-250 for the food and venue.
3) kwento / balita
4) smile.
5) camera (optional)
6) MIST I.D. (joke lang!)

And please leave the following:
1) Hiya
2) Takot
3) Galit/Inis
4) Ka-KJ-han

Mag-eenjoy lang tayo!

Mark this date on your calendar. You wouldn't want to miss this 'coz YEARS nanaman ang bibilangin bago tayo magkita-kita ulit. And by that time, for sure mas busy na tayo at mas mahirap na tayong mabuo ulit. This is the perfect time for us to gather.

Grab this chance para magkamustahan, to share, to look back and reminisce the past, and to make new memories to treasure.

Hihintayin namin ang kwento mo.

See you!


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.