Welcome to MIST IV-5!

Hi! LJ Regalado here. Made this website for my beloved high school classmates para kapag may parties, reunion or get together we can easily spread the news.

Guys, when you have something to post, feel free to email your message, announcements, write-ups, news, memories, etc to elj005.mist[at]blogger.com. Please include your name.


Be my classmate

author: LJ Regalado

I've been working on Eskwela.com for about almost a year now. It is a social directory for schools and alumni/students where you can find your long lost grade school classmates and friends.

Can I ask you guys a little favor? Please join Eskwela.com. Plugging? Hehehe. :D

Eskwela.com is by invite only.

Here's my Eskwela I.D. (http://myid.eskwela.com/1). You can click "Request an Eskwela Invite from LJ" link, fill-out the form and submit so I can give you an invite.

I included a widget in this post as a preview and, for you to have an idea what's inside. Try to move your mouse pointer over the photos.

I'll see you inside!